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This section, like most early links’ sections on the web, was started to provide visitors with other interesting sites and to get ourselves linked around the place. The most famous links’ directory of them all was Yahoo!, which we asked to link us back in 1994 and we saw grow to a massive online presence at its peak.
   As Jack Yan & Associates grew on the internet, we approached other sites to link to us. Or we had a decent dialogue with a webmaster, and added them to this section. When we reciprocated, their sites wound up here. Since we always keep our word, we didn’t kill our links’ section as other sites did when they found it no longer served them, because we felt an obligation to those who said they would exchange with us.
   Therefore, it’s a fun, historical look back at over 25 years of exchanging links on the web and a glance at some of the places we surfed to as online hot-spots.
   There’ll be an occasional link in this section that’ll have since shut down. Whenever we spot a site that’s disappeared, we remove it. But many that remain were our recommendations of the best of the web. We hope you enjoy this part of the JY&A site and have a glimpse at the places we’ve considered our favourites.
   They are divided into six sections:

   Lucire has its own links’ section, which you can reach here.



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