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Business links

Branding and Marketing Consulting

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JY&A Consulting

JY&A Consulting
Branding, marketing strategy and global strategy, with the world’s leading experts including Jack Yan, Eugene Jaffe, Israel Nebenzahl, Stefan Engeseth, Demian Rosenblatt and others. Based in over nine cities worldwide

Jack Yan
Our founder’s personal site with a summary of his work, press coverage, current and forthcoming speeches, and personal stuff

Group Partners
Home to an advanced contextual mapping method used for branding and management

Johnnie Moore
The site of Johnnie Moore, dedicated to providing authenticity in marketing. It also features a very popular marketing blog

Simon Anholt
One of the leading experts on nation branding, and an independent policy adviser, has relaunched his site, with his notes, press clippings and other information

Patrick Harris’s company dealing with strategy and insightful futures’ based observations, and building brands. Thoughtengine was born out of the Orange strategic think-tank, which Patrick oversaw

Specialists in design and branding for emerging and established companies, based in California

Corporate Identity Portal
A Germany-focused portal on identity and branding, with news, links and profiles

Cross-Border Communications
CBC is a full-service business-to-business advertising agency based in central København, Denmark, providing marketing communications services to international businesses

DNA Design
Award-winning New Zealand identity and branding firm based in Auckland and Wellington

Wolff Olins
Arguably one of the pioneers. HQed in London, Wolff Olins literally wrote the book on corporate identity

Business and Branding Resources

CAP Online

JY&A Consulting's magazine on design, business and marketing, with features from CAP magazine, plus web-exclusive articles

Detective Marketing
From one of Sweden's talented marketing consultants and speakers, Stefan Engeseth, who represents JY&A Consulting in Sweden. Detective Marketing is a talked-about marketing book in its native Sweden and Stefan has launched an English-language edition to similar acclaim in CAP. Check out the site behind the book, have a chance to interact and take its concepts further. Now with its own blog and promotions for a new book, One

Beyond Branding
One of the 2000s’ great branding books, with a collection of articles by members of the Medinge Group. Get a free Chapter 1 download, or read the regularly updated blog

Interbrand's online community interacting with other experts in the branding field

Business Ethics
Business Ethics, celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2002, is arguably the world's best thought-out periodical on the subject

Business for Social Responsibility
This organization helps member companies achieve ethical aims through programmes and workshops, conferences and library resources

Business in the Community
A site promoting corporate social responsibility and companies that champion it

Claudia Schmitz’s site on the knowledge management of teams

The Cluetrain Manifesto
Markets are conversations. The Cluetrain Manifesto tries to humanize the process, stating, inter alia, that markets consist of human beings, not demographic groups. How can these conversations be enhanced for the betterment of all? See also the World Café

More than a business magazine, Idealog plans events and communities

Inc. Online
Inc. magazine is now online, with regular departments and web-exclusive features

Logo Lounge
A tidy and informative site for identity and branding news and features

London-HQed business, culture and design magazine founded by Wallpaper’s Tyler Brûlé . We particularly love the grid approach to design—classical and clean—as well as the Plantin typeface (recommended by Alistair Kwun)

New Zealand Community Development Trust
A concept based around a structured public directory, allowing parties to create their own communities online

The Norman Macrae Archive
Former deputy chief editor of The Economist, Norman Macrae CBE was one of the men who built the ‘world’s favourite newspaper’ into the credible force it is today. The Economist newspaper enjoyed its golden years under Macrae, who forecast the growth of the web and technology, the fall of the Berlin Wall by the end of the 1980s and privatization. The site has excerpts from his articles and highlights from his books

A trade leads’ site for those seeking business partnerships in Russia. Services begin here from a mere US$20

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)
Programmes and lectures based around the ideas of global citizenship and enterprise

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (Sristi)
Indian NGO set up to help inventors and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity

A site designed for the professional investor as well as those looking for interesting stock profiles with upside potential. Profiles, discussion board, reports and archives are all here, as well as Stockrage's track record for all to see

The World Café
A good metaphor for what this site tries to do: create living conversations around questions that matter, so we can share our discoveries and learn from one another. Founded on the premise that collaboration is key to human development today


Steven Young & Associates
Consulting engineers in New Zealand—but known more online for its extensive and properly researched information on Chinese New Zealanders, including immigration, commerce and settlement. A welcome addition and redresses the balance of coverage about the ethnic group

Legal Information Lawfuel
‘Legal business news for the high-powered professional’: this site provides a digest of legal information through email (21,000 subscribers), with archives at the site. Digestible, easily accessed information and neatly presented
Management Institutes

The Chartered Management Institute
Everyone’s heard of a chartered accountant. The CMI, a charity incorporated by Royal Charter, extends a similar qualification to professional managers. A degree-level qualification is offered

Marketing and Advertising Resources

CAP Online

We can't suggest a better publication than our own CAP Online, if you enjoy a mixture of marketing and design

Marknadsfõreningen i Stockholm
The Marknadsfõreningen i Stockholm (MIS), or the Stockholm Marketing Association, is pivotal in arranging marketing seminars and related events in the city

Business journalist and author Dana Blankenhornís site on ecommerce insights—but more often than not he comes up with insights that extend well beyond this area, into policy and global justice. Realism backed with lucid arguments

Ads of the World
Commercial advertising archive, featuring some of the best creatives globally

Advertising Age Online
All the best that you've come to expect from Ad Age

On airlines, air-related movies and airline TV commercials (which is how we found it). Check out the Qantas TVC page for versions of the ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ song

A useful resource for creative marketers: there are tips, samples, ads, lists of contacts and more

Gaping Void
We met Hugh MacLeod online a year or so ago and was impressed with how he can simplify the many problems of our commercial world with cute back-of-business-card drawings. Among that are great blog entries

Marketing Week
Britain's Marketing Week magazine's online site

Media Culpa
A blog with a Swedish view on marketing and PR


Australia-based motivational speakers’ bureau

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