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JY&A Media’s new international wiki on cars, with professional editing and accurate information

TThe best Austin Rover site we've seen. If you're in to the BL era and think about the opportunities that the Harold Wilson government-force-merged company missed, this is the site. Keith Adams’s site has a wealth of information about prototypes and development stories of everything from the TR7, Princess and Allegro to the unreleased Rover P8 and Pininfarina 1100. In mid-2005, it charted developments nearly daily as MG Rover went into administration. A virtual treasure chest for the car nut

Auto Bild Online
Exclusive scoop photos, road tests, and archives are here. We've yet to see better than this site, from the publishers of Germany's weekly Auto Bild. Should whet the appetites for the printed version and spread Auto Bild goodwill in countries where the title's not available.

It’s taken years for the world’s first car mag to get online. It’s now here, and not a moment too soon. An excellent site

Car retail site, bringing together millions of US listings under one banner

Auto Trader Classics
A great collection of articles on classic cars, some licensed from the beautifully photographed Octane magazine

The Car Connection
Highly informative North American site on the latest models, complete with regular road tests and a daily update

Car Design News
One of our favourites, sponsored by the Academy of Art College. An examination of the automotive industry from a design perspective. Regularly updated, including motor show news and design analyses of the débutantes

Completely human-edited using thoroughly reliable and official information, Carfolio details a wide array of car models throughout history

A comprehensive website tracking car sales around the world

If you ever thought the Japanese car industry was hard to follow, the guys are Carview have databased what they could. In Japanese but indispensable to the car boffin

Tracking Chinese cars and their specifications as exported to the Russian market. In English and Russian

Daily Kanban
Excellent automotive website by industry veteran Bertel Schmitt and Edward Niedermeyer, with daily news and regular features

Detroit News Autos
One of the best round-ups of US and worldwide automotive news on the web

How Stuff Works—Auto Channel
This may sound like a Popular Mechanics-type website but it’s better, including a car guide from the editors of Consumer Guide, detailing plenty of US-market models and starting, in many cases, from their founding

Nissan Museum
Nissan’s latest slogan might be ‘Shift_the future’, but it doesn't stop the Japanese automaker from celebrating its past. This Nissan Museum shows the history of several model lines, including old home-market brochures. There are omissions—where are the prewar Bluebirds?—but a wonderful trip to the days when Nissan first really began feeling international success

Plays with Cars
Doug DeMuro’s series of hilarious motoring columns

Entertainment and Culture

Proof that JY&Aers have lives outside this company: Jennifer Hamilton’s girl group, wowing them across New Zealand

Chicago Magazine
The way a CMS-driven lifestyle and urban magazine should look—the Windy City’s dining guide, events, nightlife, people covered

A Canadian blog that has BitTorrent video feeds covering technology trends

The Cool Hunter
The coolest items available, presented in blog style

Wonderful to find a site that, as of 2021, has a fresh appearance. By its own manifesto, Culturelines is living in the future, in a post-COVID world, and tracks cultural shifts (4/21)

The Fourth Turning
The authors of The Fourth Turning theorize that the United States runs on a cycle of 80–100 years, and this century will bring challenges that will make the nation face the issue of its very existence. The web site dates from 1997, yet remains poignant today

Joi Ito’s Web
A blog from an internet pioneer worthy of listing—Mr Ito has invested into Technorati and other high-tech ventures

The site of author, futurist and speaker Jonar Nader, the man behind the chilling novel Z

The London Review of Books
Arguably the finest literary review publication in the world, now online with a tasteful design and articles from the current and recent issues

Magasinet Filter
Cool Swedish culture magazine on the arts, music and what’s hip

Palais de Tokyo
Found by our friends at , a new Flash-driven site for contemporary art, with exhibition news and more. Palais de Tokyo has art, a restaurant and a boutique in Paris

A well designed, progressive Christian culture magazine

Transparency Now
A site dealing with transparency but featuring its applications in popular culture, such as television shows and the news

Yale Review of Books
America's first undergraduate review of books from Yale University, distributed free to the university community and the surrounding New Haven, Conn. area


What started off as an online Bon Appetit has since swallowed Condé Nast Traveler Online, so now you don't just dine, but do so in the best spots. Our view: the best mag that Rochelle Udell's had a hand in

Founded by Daniel Lubetzky, PeaceWorks produces fine foods and gifts made by Arab and Israeli companies. A diverse group with either Arab or Jewish backgrounds sit on the board of directors: the company promotes understanding by setting an example. As of 2020, the venture is on hold


TV Dregs
You’d never write home about the design of this site, but you’d still pore over it for ages. For anyone who’s followed British TV, and enjoys this sort of humour, TV Dregs takes a hilarious and fictional (though presented as fact) look back at the forgotten shows of the UK’s postwar history. There’s everything from a Supermarionation sitcom called Fab … Liverbirds Are Go (1969) to Hi-de-Hi Uncut (2002), set at Maplin’s newest resort: a Club 18–30 on the Greek island of Rhodes

The World of Lily Wong
After a stint in the UK during a time when he suspected he made the Beijing Politburo hit-list for his political satire in a certain English-language newspaper, Larry Feign's back at it, drawing cartoons in Hong Kong under a new masthead. Welcome back, Larry! There's a whole new bunch of creeps to poke fun at!

Movies and Celebrity

The Italian Job
Codesign: The Italian Job
If you’re a fan of the film—the Michael Caine, not the Mark Wahlberg, one—enjoy this tribute site, which features everything from the (slightly incorrect) lyrics of ‘The Self-preservation Society’ to sound bites (e.g. Caine’s ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’). Well designed, too

Internet Movie Database
The ubiquitous and long-running movie site, originally built up through individual contributions

Denmark's Hollywood and celebrity site but without the mean streak that's normally found in this genre. It's exceedingly popular with both sexes thanks to its up-to-the-minute news and has useful links for film, music and sport

Museums and Exhibitions

Fondazione Prada
The Fondazione Prada presents two exhibitions, dedicated to new projects, annually, with accompanying books. This site previews these

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
An exercise in good identity and web design. The MMA's current web site is tasteful and ties in nicely with the museum itself, while an all-new site is slated for 2000

MoMA—the Museum of Modern Art
Check out the collection, exhibitions, books, research projects and everything (and we mean everything, including where to eat) that makes up New York's Museum of Modern Art. This site is beautifully done

National Gallery of Art
The collections at Washington's National Gallery of Art belong to the people of the United States. The site itself is a delight: accessible information, beautifully presented, and a useful preview to the exhibitions. Past special exhibitions dating back to 1941 can be searched, too

Whitney Museum of American Art
A beautifully designed and easily navigable site, though we're a bit iffy on the logotype spacing. Typography aside, it's comprehensive and even has info on past, present and future exhibitions


Groove FM
Our favourite Wellington, New Zealand radio station, playing jazz, acid jazz, lounge, swing and other real music

Radio Active
It started off as a student station but built up a cult following with its mixture of music and content. Check out Radio Active 89FM at this link, with RealPlayer

One of the few Windows Media Player-cast radio stations that we could readily find from Stockholm is Radio.se. Not quite as hip as Metro FM but has a good mix and the usual European RDS information on what song is being played, in a wee pop-up window


The Mary & Rhoda List
The daily mailing list where you can relive and chat about The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda and classic television, as well as the TV movie Mary & Rhoda

TV Ark
Billy Ingram’s TV Party site, linked here since the 1990s, gives a wonderful insight into the United States. TV Ark does the same for Britain, saving advertisements, bumps and opening sequences for some of that country’s most loved television

TV Party
Most of us here are old enough to remember most of the old shows, some popular, some forgotten, that TV Party reviews. Be prepared to spend ages reading up on everything from Shaft to Happy Days

Travel and Region-specific Sites

Lucire logo
: Volante
The travel section of JY&A Media’s fashion magazine, Lucire, with comprehensive features


A great new system of online bookings. It's not what you'd expect. Until now, most accommodation booking systems are probability-based, but Simon Casey has come up with one that is real-time. The bed-and-breakfast industry has jumped on board this system in New Zealand and frankly, we think Simon's on to a world-beater

Bali Paradise Online
Everything you need to know about getting around Indonesia's jewel: the best sights, where to stay, where to shop, and more

California Coastal Records Project
Aerial photographs of the California coastline—pick a spot using the map, or feed in latitude and longitude, and the aerial photograph, regularly updated, will appear in the main window. There are 10,000 images here, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Pt Reyes, Pt Sur and the Queen Mary

Oberösterreich Online
One of the coolest general-interest sites from Austria. There's news, weather, and sport, plus cultural reports on music, dance, literature and art

Pariscope takes a look at the capital of France. This is the best site we've seen on the city and doesn't force you to download endless pages of tourist photos

Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori
The Māori Language Commission of New Zealand. New Zealand has two official languages and Māori is not given the prominence it deserves in its own nation—for instance, the banknotes are monolingual in Aotearoa. The Commission is charged with furthering the language

The global travel guide on the internet. Redesigned in September 1997, it's even nicer to browse. In two languages, English and German—and fluently so

What's On Christchurch
Lifestyle site with all about what to do in Christchurch, New Zealand

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