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We have detailed the last 12 months of our press releases for your reference. This page also includes releases from client and associated organizations using our wire service.

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    Last update 10/07/04
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    10/07/04 Sopheak Seng appointed fashion editor of Lucire
    10/06/05 Ria van Dyke is the new Miss Universe New Zealand
    10/05/13 Miss Universe New Zealand 2010 confirmed for Wellington
    10/01/19 Jack Yan heads to Stockholm and Paris to promote Wellington
    10/01/12 International think-tank announces seventh annual Brands with a Conscience awards
    09/12/21 Autocade car database site takes Twitter’s “good enough” approach
    09/09/25 Jack Yan’s wired about Wellington as he announces mayoral bid
    09/08/26 JY&A Consulting rebrands New Zealand Computer Society
    09/07/29 Objectspace exhibition champions New Zealand typeface design


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    Photographs: Helsinki, Finland. Inside the Marquette Hotel as viewed from Basil’s, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in a Lucire Volante feature. Amber Peebles, Miss World New Zealand 2003–4, photographed by Jack Yan for a Living feature in Lucire. Copyright ©2003–10 by Jack Yan & Associates. All rights reserved.