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JY&A Consulting rebrands New Zealand Computer Society

Wellington, August 26 (JY&A Media) The rebrand for NZCS, the New Zealand Computer Society, launched this week. JY&A Consulting, part of Jack Yan & Associates, is the consultancy behind the work.
   The rebrand marks a shift in NZCS’s purpose, direction and strategy. The organization has placed a greater emphasis on creating, recognizing and growing information and communication technology (ICT) as a true profession as part of the shift.
   JY&A Consulting helped NZCS define its brand with the concept of advancement, whether it is the careers of ICT professionals, education, computing skills or professionalism itself. NZCS has numerous stakeholders and audiences, including the ICT industry and sector, government, academia and the general public.
   Jack Yan, CEO of Jack Yan & Associates, oversaw the rebrand. ‘NZCS’s new brand was interesting because of the many audiences it had to target. The question we had to answer before we even committed to doing the visuals was, “What ties its internal strategy and all its audiences together?” Working with NZCS, we centred on the concept of advancement.’
   Mr Yan describes the rebranding process as one of the most satisfying in his 22-year career. ‘NZCS’s Paul Matthews is one of the best CEOs we had to deal with. He’s one of the few who offered some great suggestions, to the point of producing some mock-ups himself.
   ‘He’s also the first Kiwi client who often finished work later than I did—and since I stop at 2.30 a.m., that’s a tough record to beat.’
   NZCS CEO Paul Matthews was very pleased with the results of the rebranding. ‘Jack [Yan] and his team spent a huge amount of time at the start of the project actually listening to what we were trying to achieve, and gained a great understanding of our organization and its culture before pen ever touched paper,’ Mr Matthews says.
   ‘As a result, they’ve captured and aligned the branding change to the wider changes within our organization to create a congruent and aligned brand strategy which actually reflects and communicates our purpose and direction. We couldn’t ask for better,’ he says.
   As well as the internal changes to NZCS and its repositioning as a society for the ICT profession and its professionals, the external branding uses a simple palette of black, gold and silver. The gold is repeated on the NZCS ITCP sub-brand, signalling a “gold standard” for the ITCP certification programme. The sub-brand also features a globe symbol, designed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian.
   The typefaces chosen are PMN Caecilia and Avenir. A custom design was considering during development, but Mr Yan says he is delighted by the client’s final choice.
   ‘Caecilia has a sense of modernity without losing tradition, and it’s in keeping with the idea of advancement,’ he says. Avenir complements Caecilia for the tagline.

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About JY&A Consulting
JY&A Consulting (http://jya.net/consulting) is part of Jack Yan & Associates, an independent global communications company founded in 1987. With representation in Wellington, Christchurch, New York, San Francisco, London, Stockholm, Milano and Jerusalem, JY&A Consulting tailors solutions using researched business principles, based around the organization’s vision and identity. The company specializes in identity, branding, marketing strategy and global strategy. Its clients have included small businesses, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

About NZCS
NZCS is the professional body of ICT professionals in New Zealand, and works hard on behalf of our profession and the sector as a whole. NZCS works with ICT professionals, government, the industry and the community to increase the professionalism and expertise of those working in the ICT sector (and hence the professional standing and reputation of our profession).
   Society representatives also actively represent the profession and the sector on many different policy and standards-setting boards across NZ and the world.
   Our members are typically those that place a high priority on professionalism in the delivery of ICT solutions and have committed to improving the standards of the ICT industry. Professional membership of the Society requires a proven dedication to professionalism plus a combination of education and experience, plus a commitment to the Society's Code of Ethics.
   The NZCS also works closely with a number of international collaborative organizations such as the IFIP and SEARCC, as well as our kindred societies across the globe (including the ACS, BCS, ACM, CIPS, and IEEE Computer Societies).

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