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In Business, October 2009

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Below is the last 12 months’ known coverage about Jack Yan & Associates, its team members and its properties. Some coverage on the Medinge Group is included.
   Generally, this page does not include articles authored by Jack Yan & Associates’ staff in various magazines.
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Last update 10/03/02

10/03/02 D. Burgess: ‘Wellington mayor seeks fourth term’, The Dominion Post, March 2, 2010, p. A1
Jack Yan comments on Mayor Kerry Prendergast’s bid for a fourth term, saying that Wellingtonians do not want the continuity of her policies

10/03/02 A. Thompson (ed.) and L. Shelton: ‘We need to grow jobs before we party, says mayoral candidate’, Scoop
Jack Yan is appalled by council over-spending and says that creating jobs need to come first

10/02/27 S. Igaune: ‘Veicinās zviedru uzņēmumu zīmolu atpazīstamību’, Dienas Bizness
Jack Yan talks about Sweden and jantelagen, in our first item of Latvian press coverage

10/02/25 J. Nylander: ‘New branding concept promotes Swedish firms’, The Swedish Wire, February 25, 2010
Johan Nylander with his second piece based on his interviews with Jack Yan, discussing how Sweden could use its national heritage to promote its own brands

10/02/19 ‘Yan says drinking ban will not solve Wellington’s problems’, Infonews
A stronger job market will help security in Wellington, not banning alcohol

10/02/17 T. McNamara: ‘How technology can make you money—part 2 of 3: increase revenue’, Business Blogs
Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign and past uses of the internet mentioned in Tim McNamara’s article

10/02/03 A. Markessinis: ‘Nation brands and national brands: making the most of them’, Nation Branding
Andreas Markessinis discusses the connection between the nation and nation brand, and includes a quotation from Jack Yan in his interview with Johan Nylander

10/02/01 T. Bloomberg: ‘Where does “transparency” fit in the new social media marketing model?’, Diva Marketing Blog
Toby Bloomberg polls a wide range of experts, including Jack Yan, on how they work with transparency and its conflicts with confidentiality; carried also on Web Business Woman

10/01/31 M. Lindeskog: ‘Experienced social media enthusiast’, Ego
Martin Lindeskog blogs from Jack Yan’s talk at the Regina Stockholms Operamathus, and includes a video; an earlier photograph of Stefan Engeseth and Jack Yan is here

10/01/25 J. Nylander: ‘“Jantelagen” holds Swedish brands back’, The Swedish Wire, January 25, 2010
Joham Nylander interviews Jack Yan: Swedish brand managers could boost sales by being more proud of the company’s Swedishness

10/01/21 ‘21-year-old standing for City Council’, Scoop
Jevan Goulter endorses Jack Yan’s mayoral candidacy

10/01/20 ‘Move over Hayley’, Capital Times, January 20, 2010
Jevan Goulter endorses Jack Yan’s mayoral candidacy in Capital Times interview

10/01/18 ‘Mayoral candidate to give lectures in Stockholm and Paris’, Scoop
Jack Yan heads to Sweden and France to talk about Wellington, branding, his mayoral campaign and related topics

10/01/13 ‘Drag queens and candy floss: mixed reaction to new Air NZ uniforms’, Etravelblackboard.com
Air New Zealand’s new uniforms come under fire

10/01/12 E. Donnelly: ‘Air New Zealand dissed for “drag queen” uniforms’, StyleList, January 12, 2010
Erin Donnelly reviews the furore over the proposed Air New Zealand uniforms; includes Jack Yan’s quotation from the Fairfax Press

10/01/12 S. Wood and T. Fitzsimons: ‘The diary’, The Dominion Post, January 12, 2010, p. A7
Humorous mention of one of Jack Yan’s Tweets quoting Back to the Future

10/01/10 A. Markessinis: ‘New book on nation branding’, Nation Branding
Andreas Markessinis previews Nishit Kumar and Anil Varma’s Nation Branding: Concepts and Country Perspectives

10/01/09 G. McDonald and K. Chug: ‘Goodbye Thunderbirds, hello Barbie’, The Dominion Post, January 9, 2010, p. A1
Front-page story on the proposed Air New Zealand uniforms, with Lucire’s Jack Yan providing his opinion; syndicated to The Sydney Morning Herald

09/12/28 M. Masnick: ‘Google’s communication problems continue: blogger can’t get his blog turned back on after six months’, Techdirt, December 28, 2009
Jack Yan fights Google over the lost Social Media Consortium blog

09/12/15 K. Walker: ‘Accessories after the fact’, The Dominion Post, December 15, 2009, p. B8
Jack Yan attends the launch of the Dyrberg/Kern concept store in Wellington

09/12/03 J. Chipp: ‘Mayoral hopefuls on Manners Mall plan’, The Wellingtonian
Wellington mayoral candidates asked about the Manners Mall changes

09/11/26 J. Chipp: ‘Mayoral race heats up’, The Wellingtonian, November 26, 2009, pp. 1–2
Jack Yan among the candidates for Wellington’s mayoralty

09/11/24 C. King: ‘How to connect globally with social media’, Social Media Examiner
A global look at the differences in people’s approach to social media, by cross-cultural expert Cindy King

09/11/24 K. Walker: ‘Painting the town Ruby’, The Dominion Post, November 24, 2009, p. B8
Jack Yan attends Ruby function and exhibition

09/11/17 H. McDonald: ‘Opening night at the Arts Festival’, Wotzon.com
Heather McDonald snapped with Jack Yan and Laura McQuillan by the Sunday Star–Times at Arts’ Festival launch

09/11/14 C. Greep: ‘Fashion stylist Samantha Hannah’, Thread
Lucire fashion editor Samantha Hannah showcases new styles at Desire event

09/11/11 Good Living, CTV, November 11, 2009, 4 p.m.
Jack Yan interviewed with Angela Stone on the judging of the Addington Races’ fashions in the field competition

09/11/10 K. Walker: ‘Capitalising on the arts’, The Dominion Post, November 10, 2009, p. B8
A social pic with Amanda Mulholland and Ana Maria Moore at the opening of the International Festival of the Arts

09/11/09 J. Looman: ‘The French Event—champagne anyone?’, Wotzon.com
Jack Yan talks about his mayoral bid with Wild about Wellington’s Jennifer Looman

09/11/08 A. Nicolle: ‘NZ International Arts Festival’, Sunday Star–Times, November 8, 2009, ‘About Town’ section
Jack Yan and his mayoral campaign given positive coverage by Amanda Nicolle

09/11/03 D. Burgess: ‘Prendergast may try for fourth term’, The Dominion Post, November 3, 2009
Mayor Kerry Prendergast may try for a fourth term; Jack Yan one of the confirmed candidates

09/10/29 Sunrise, TV3, October 29, 2009, 8.40 a.m.
Jack Yan interviewed live on network TV news on how to remove photographs from Facebook

09/10/18 A. Nicolle: ‘Buoy hairdressing Miss Wellington and Miss Teen Wellington 2009’, Sunday Star–Times, October 18, 2009, ‘About Town’ section
Samantha Hannah, fashion editor of Lucire, quoted

09/10/17 C. King: ‘Twitter interview with Jack Yan’, Cindyking.biz
Not strictly a press interview, but one conducted on email and Twitter by France-based cross-cultural expert Cindy King

09/10/09 I. Volner: ‘New Zealand: design, city, architecture’, The Faster Times
Ian Volner on the design community in New Zealand and its hotbed of creativity, mentioning Nick Fracture, Cleve Cameron and Jack Yan

09/10/08 ‘Candidate for mayor’, The Wellingtonian, October 8, 2009, p. 8
Fairfax’s first footnote mention of Jack Yan’s mayoral candidacy

09/10/05 S. Robson: ‘Meet Jack Yan’, Salient, vol. 72, no. 23, October 5, 2009, pp. 34–6
Jack Yan’s first interview specifically dealing with his mayoral bid in the newspaper for his Alma Mater

09/10 N. Isler: ‘Thirst to be the first’, In Business, October 2009, pp. 46–9
Nadine Isler interviews Jack Yan on thought leadership and his desire to be the first; photographed by Jessica Moorhead

09/09/28 C. Hitt: ‘Burberry’s Britishness is now as authentic as Posh Spice’s tan’, Western Mail, September 28, 2009
Lucire’s Burberry review quoted—though Carolyn Hitt takes issue with just how British the brand is

09/09/26 ‘News bytes’, The Dominion Post, September 26, 2009, p. D4
Bronwyn Williams’s entry from Air New Zealand Fashion Week at Lucire’s website quoted by Fairfax Press, though the source is incorrectly cited

09/09/25 ‘Jack Yan's wired about Wellington as he announces mayoral bid’, Infonews, September 25, 2009
Jack Yan & Associates’ CEO Jack Yan puts his hat into the ring for the mayoralty in Wellington, New Zealand

09/09/24 ‘PR-branschen—en helig ko?’, Dagens Media, September 24, 2009
Is Stefan Engeseth correct when he attacks the PR profession in his latest book?

09/09/24 Nightline, TV3, New Zealand, September 24, 2009, 10.30 p.m.
Samantha Hannah comments on Air New Zealand Fashion Week on network news

09/09/21 J. Hance: ‘Fashion labels drop APP after party highlights the plight of Indonesian forests’, Mongabay
Asia Pulp & Paper loses contracts after Indonesian rainforest destruction exposed by Rainforest Action Network; Summer Rayne Oakes speaks at RAN’s opening night party during New York Fashion Week

09/09/15 R. Harnden: ‘A typographic primer’, Salient, September 15, 2009
Jack Yan quoted on typography, the use of Arial, and the Killian memoranda

09/09/09 C. Enting: ‘Pamela Anderson’s green sleeves’, The Dominion Post, September 9, 2009
Lucire’s Samantha Hannah notes that Pamela Anderson and Fashion Week do not really go together

09/09/01 ‘Summer Rayne Oakes shows Beanstockd’s Chet Cannon how to live responsibly’, Beanstockd, September 1, 2009
Chet Cannon talks to Summer Rayne Oakes at home

09/08/26 ‘JY&A Consulting rebrands New Zealand Computer Society’, Infonews, August 26, 2009
NZCS gets a rebrand for the 21st century, following an involved research process

09/08/25 ‘JY&A Consulting rebrands New Zealand Computer Society’, Voxy, August 25, 2009
NZCS launches its rebrand

09/08/17 Printing Types: New Zealand Type Design Since 1870, Dexinger, August 17, 2009
Typeface design exhibition opens in Auckland

09/07/29 ‘Objectspace exhibition champions New Zealand typeface design’, Infonews, July 29, 2009
Typeface design exhibition in Auckland includes work by Jack Yan

09/07/21 ‘FINZ education conference: Future of Fashion II, FashioNZ, July 21, 2009
Lucire founder Jack Yan talks about branding and social networking at FINZ conference, held at CPIT

09/07/21 ‘The future of fashion’, Scoop, July 21, 2009
Lucire’s Jack Yan among the speakers at FINZ’s The Future of Fashion II conference in Christchurch

09/07/20 S. Vartan: ‘A. D. Schwarz’s unique safari chic jewelry gives back to Africa’, The Daily Green, July 20, 2009
Summer Rayne Oakes helped bring the A. D. Schwarz line to New York

09/07/09The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising, Stefan Engeseth’, Marketing Directo, July 9, 2009
Stefan Engeseth’s latest book reviewed

09/07/02 D. Rogers: ‘Lessons can be gained from integration’, PR Week, July 2, 2009
Danny Rogers takes issue with Stefan Engeseth’s The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising

09/07/01 ‘Samantha Hannah appointed fashion editor of Lucire, The Big Idea, July 1, 2009
Samantha Hannah is the new fashion editor at Lucire

09/06/27 D. Wichtel: ‘Sustainable model’, New Zealand Listener, June 27, 2009, pp. 26–7
Summer Rayne Oakes profiled in 2 pp. feature in a leading New Zealand news magazine

09/06/25 R. Manzano: ‘Autor distribui 10 mil cópias de livro que anuncia fim do RP’, Imprensa, June 25, 2009
Stefan Engeseth’s publicity tactic of distributing 10,000 copies of his book at the Cannes Advertising Festival gets attention in Brazil

09/06/24 Z. Walker: ‘The model warrior’, The New Zealand Herald, June 24, 2009, ‘Viva’ supplement, pp. 6–7
Summer Rayne Oakes on writing Style, Naturally, and the environmental fashion movement

09/06/21 J. Lill: ‘She’s more than a model with a cause’, Courier–Times
Jasmin Lill talks to Summer Rayne Oakes during her Australian tour

09/06/17 ‘Samantha Hannah appointed fashion editor of Lucire, Infonews, June 17, 2009
The fashion editor position at Lucire has been filled with stylist Samantha Hannah

09/06/11 D. Farrier: ‘Summer Rayne Oakes, the “eco-model”’, Campbell Live, June 11, 2009, 7 p.m.
David Farrier interviews Summer Rayne Oakes at the Auckland Winter Garden

09/06/11 C. Enting: ‘Scientist, author and sustainable model’, The Dominion Post, June 11, 2009, p. A4
Carolyn Enting profiles Summer Rayne Oakes and gets tips on sustainable fashion

09/05/08 L. Germinsky: ‘Tonic’s 50 most beautiful people’, Tonic, May 2009
Summer Rayne Oakes makes Tonic’s top 50 people who are beautiful inside and out

09/05/08 D. Makwana: ‘It’s the girl in green’, 24 Hours, May 8, 2009
Canadian newspaper profiles ‘eco-model’ Summer Rayne Oakes

09/05/07 D. Ryan: ‘Eco-model has a value base’, Vancouver Sun, May 7, 2009, pp. D7–8
Summer Rayne Oakes’s scientific and creative credentials covered in Canadian broadsheet

09/05 ‘Summer in springtime’, Positively Green, spring 2009
A feature and editorial on Summer Rayne Oakes and anticipates Style, Naturally

09/05 ‘Fashion with a heart’, Psychologies, May 2009, p. 18
UK magazine Psychologies gives Style, Naturally and Summer Rayne Oakes a plug

09/05 M. MacDonald: ‘Industry insiders: Summer Rayne Oakes, green goddess’, Black Book, May 2009, pp. 90 ff.
Summer Rayne Oakes is the ‘green goddess’ and is an industry insider alongside Sir Richard Branson, Jason Denton and others

09/05 ‘Das ist Trend’, Brigitte, May 2009
Eco-fashion in the trends’ pages for Germany’s Brigitte, calling Summer Rayne Oakes the first “eco-model”

09/04/27 E. Billingsley: ‘Different approach by Valley designer’, San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Summer Rayne Oakes comments on designer Deborah Lindquist and her eco-friendly materials

09/04/27 ‘Katie Taylor wins Miss Universe New Zealand 2009’, Scoop, April 27, 2009
Held in Levin, Katie Taylor takes the crown in a tight competition. Jack Yan among the judges

09/04/19 A. Tschorn: ‘Designers with a “green” vision’, Los Angeles Times, April 19, 2009, p. P4
Summer Rayne Oakes comments on eco-fashion and the clutter now created by companies

09/04/15 ‘A guide to sustainable shopping’, American Way, April 15, 2009, p. 14
Tips from Summer Rayne Oakes and Style, Naturally

09/04/09 ‘Miss Sweden’s Kiwi connections’, Infonews, April 9, 2009
Jack Yan and Laural Barrett among the international jury for Nya Fröken Sverige

09/04/04 S. Childs: ‘Is print dead?’, Disco Underworld, April 2009
Stacey Childs interviews Jack Yan on the future of print and monetizing the internet (full interview on her blog)

09/04 ‘70 new reasons to live green’, Glamour, April 2009
Summer Rayne Oakes is one of the 70 eco-achievers picked by Glamour

09/04 ‘Summer Rayne Oakes’, Pepper Mint, April 2009
Summer Rayne Oakes profiled in Australian eco-magazine

09/03/03 E. Pigott: ‘Men of Letters: Fonts and Their Creators’, Design Federation
Estelle Pigott reviews JY Alia and discusses Matthew Carter and Jack Yan

09/03 ‘Das erste Model mit Öko-Siegel’, Vital, March 2009, p. 56
Summer Rayne Oakes is the first eco-model


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