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The Yan surname in Chinese, as set in Han Wang Kai Bold. While not one of our designs, our expertise extends to non-Latin script systems.


We’ve provided custom fonts for branding projects, and because we are linked to a brand consultancy, we’re well positioned to consult on how well typefaces (including those not designed by ourselves) go with brands. We have worked on projects such as:

   • consulting which CJK typeface best matches a corporate identity originally conceived with Latin type, and ensuring that the right strokes are used (as there are differences between Chinese and Japanese, even for the same character, e.g. 港);

   • projects going the other way: finding the best Latin typeface to complement an existing Chinese logotype, and how it should be modified to convey a consistent image;

   • choosing the right typefaces not just for the brand mark, but for all documentation—one client required something fresher but could not afford to have the copyfitting of previous documents change;

   • creating a logotype with just the characters in the name, drawn from scratch.

   Not only have we done the above for clients, we can go one step further, with our founder uniquely qualified as a typeface designer who holds a law degree. Read on …



Legal services


Jack Yan (LL B, BCA (Hons.), MCA) and the JY&A Fonts’ team have provided legal services specializing in the typographic industry in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Among the work we have provided:

   • expert witness testimony in trade mark cases where typography and typefaces are involved;

   • legal opinions on intellectual property involving type;
   • “forensic” opinions in cases of alleged forgeries involving type.

   Cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Examples include: (a) cases where there is alleged confusion between trade marks; (b) cases of alleged copying where the plaintiff believes the defendant could not have arrived at a particular typeface choice independently; (c) a divorce proceeding where one party produced a document purportedly made in the 1980s when that particular version of the typeface could not have existed; (d) a legal opinion for a client that needed to know the legal status of font metrics. We are also connected to a company that tracks the usage (and misuse) of digital fonts online.

   Jack has written published opinion pieces on interesting type cases, such as the “Rathergate” CBS memos in the early 2000s, and, for light relief, our company looks after the Font Police blog.



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