You’ll already be familiar with JY&A Fonts, one of the best-known divisions of Jack Yan & Associates. JY&A Imaging is the division formed in late 2001 to look after the needs of customers like those at JY&A Fonts: those that need us to help them communicate, not with our advice, but with our tools. This page is a placeholder until we have more to show you, but you can link to some of the resources behind JY&AI right now.
JY&A Fonts. Integrity and more.
Australasia’s leading font company, more widely distributed than any foundry from the southern hemisphere.
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Douglas Rimington (Wellington)
Rebecca Thorpe (Canberra)
Briar Shaw (Auckland)
Spencer Levine (Wellington)
Karl Priston (Queenstown)
Every JY&AI resource is available for commissioning, whether it's custom font work or specialist photography.
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