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Yan: Kiwi sovereignty under threat from China free-trade agreement

Publisher says Red China has shown it does not respect NZ sovereignty; claims expatriate Chinese in New Zealand ‘cringed’ on thought of deal

Wellington, April 8 (JY&A Media) International think-tank director and publisher Jack Yan is against the free-trade deal with Red China, not only because of the likely detriments to New Zealand workers or the crackdown on Tibetans, but because of a mistrust of Beijing and its effect on New Zealand sovereignty.
   ‘Would you sign a contract with someone who has a proven record of bad behaviour?’ he asked. ‘Maybe Labour–National would, but I wouldn’t.’
   Mr Yan, who by ethnicity is Chinese, says that Beijing has already affected the way the New Zealand Government and the main National opposition behave through meddling.
   ‘Look at the way our representatives in Parliament are talking. Instead of criticizing Red China over its violence against Tibetans, the major parties all had to tip-toe.
   ‘They can’t even express the way we feel about things any more. Even the Prime Minister, known for being a straight shooter, totally moderated her tone in dealing with Red China.
   He is concerned that Beijing now believes it has a say in who gets to do what in New Zealand.
   He says that last year, Beijing authorities ordered the barring of New Zealand journalist Nick Wang from covering a Parliamentary function in Wellington. ‘Mr Wang was prevented entry by members of our own police force,’ says Mr Yan.
   Mr Wang, who was approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the group of journalists covering the signing of the free-trade agreement in Beijing, was denied a visa by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China last week—which made international news.
   ‘If they are prepared to target one New Zealander who is just doing his job, I doubt they are going to be sympathetic to others,’ he argues.
   ‘Many of the expatriate Chinese at a recent conference at which Trade Negotiations’ Minister Phil Goff spoke cringed when he talked up his free-trade agreement,’ he claims. ‘If Chinese New Zealanders feel this way, what does that say?’
   Mr Yan says he is a staunch supporter of the Chinese people and their freedoms, and that giving preferential treatment to a country that has such a poor record in human rights and labour practices sends a very dangerous message about New Zealand’s own integrity as a trading partner.
   ‘Preference should be given to those nations that are prepared to come to a compromise about New Zealand values, not those that have shown to dismiss them as irrelevant,’ he says.
   ‘We must engage with China, in diplomacy and in trade, but we shouldn’t hand them the cup before the game is played.
   ‘Even in Asia there are countries that we should be looking at first, such as India, which at least shares our common law heritage with a billion-strong market—heck, the Indians own Jaguar and Land Rover. Or, if the Chinese are important, then the Special Administrative Region or Taiwan at least respect New Zealand sovereignty,’ he says.

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About Jack Yan
Jack Yan founded Jack Yan & Associates (http://jya.net), one of the world’s first virtual firms, in 1987. His company is based or represented in over a dozen countries worldwide. Among his company’s interests are business consulting, imaging, software and media, including the fashion magazine brand Lucire. He writes on topics, ranging from branding and business responsibility to fashion and typography, in numerous publications worldwide and is a regular international speaker. His personal site is at www.jackyan.com, and features a highly regarded blog. He is a director of the Medinge Group (http://medinge.org), a think-tank in Sweden devoted to cutting-edge branding.

About JY&A Consulting
JY&A Consulting (http://jya.net/consulting) is part of Jack Yan & Associates, an independent global communications company founded in 1987. With representation in Wellington, Christchurch, New York, San Francisco, London, Stockholm, Milano and Jerusalem, JY&A Consulting tailors solutions using researched business principles, based around the organization’s vision and identity. The company specializes in identity, branding, marketing strategy and global strategy. Its clients have included small businesses, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. JY&A Consulting staff and alumni regularly contribute to the house journal, CAP, published in print, and online at <http://jya.net/cap/>.

About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (www.lucire.com), started on the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it became the first web magazine to spawn international print editions. Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, www.unep.org). It is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and published by Lucire LLC. For print edition information, see <http://www.lucire.net>.

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